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Guarding in a natural way

We have been producing natural, sustainable and eco-friendly wooden packaging since 1990.

Why did we choose wood from a wide range of possibilities? Because it is a lively, recyclable and refined material. Above all it respects the environment.

We chose the future, as we work following a green model based on a sustainable development. Every day we comply with our philosophy, which relies on circular economy, just as the circular life of wood.

In order to produce our packaging, which are biodegradable and have a low environmental impact, we use poplar wood coming from Pianura Padana.

Our packaging are the right solution if you want to combine marketing needs with a continuous ethical approach through the future.
If packaging is more and more considered by companies as the key element which can make a difference from a brand to another, choosing it in a sustainable, recyclable and natural way says you a lot about the values that guide a business and about its product.

 Enhancing what’s inside of packaging  

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