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 "Wood as living matter to be shaped, which goes back and returns to its life cycle.

Our packaging for your products to leave a natural footprint"

The story of our company starts in 1915, when the forefather Amilcare Dell’Oca opened a small carpentry. Around the 60’s,when the management of the business was handed over his sons, the carpentry tripled.

The works kept going under the management of his grandson Giorgio, who in 1990 decided to turn the business into a factory of leafed poplar packaging for alimentary use. Over the three decades the machineries have been renewed and the know-how has been improved in order to better satisfy the customer needs under the interlacement of responsible innovation and artisanal tradition which is part of the manufacturing Dell’Oca.

Nowadays the company has extended its own range of packaging and it makes a packaging which is as suitable for food as for items, footwear, clothing and accessories. 

Many new application of our products are coming to life in order to hold your products, respecting the environment and the current legislation.

Francesco Dell'Oca

Alice Dell'Oca

Fabrizio Dell'Oca

Wooden 100 % recyclable packaging that, if properly discarded, contribute to the wood life cycle and turn into new wooden recycled packaging. 


For our products we choose high quality wood coming exclusively from the Italian Pianura Padana


Our products are suitable for exportation all around the world because are free from fitosanitary treatments and in addition they comply with ISPM 15 according to the Direttiva 2004/102/CE on the environmental protection measures. 


We stock up only with raw materials coming from the Italian Pianura Padana: this choice cuts down the logistic costs, therefore it shoots down transports pollution 


Above all the respect of the environment

We are an eco-friendly company and our packaging are too.

We work following a green model based on a sustainable development able to combine the consumer needs and wishes of our customers with the need of safeguarding the natural and environmental resources.

The raw material: we process wood deriving from the poplar production in the Italian Pianura Padana, which has always been an arboriculture place. The poplar has an important ecological and environmental value because it contributes to the CO2 compensation, to the preservation of biodiversity and to the land drainage. It is a key element in the Pianura Padana landscape and it embodies the preservation and the continuation of historical tradition and agricultural economies.

In first line

We commit to minimize our environmental impact through sustainable and virtuous business choices: a conscious use of energy, a reduction on business trips and a correct waste disposal. We reduce as much as possible the use of paper in our offices, communicating by mail and using electrical devices for our newsletters and invoices, allowing our catalogue to be available online. 

Quality matter

The quality of our products is guaranteed by a set of certifications and by the respect of the European legislation:

All our products are made, stored and handled according to the GMP ( Good Manufacturing Practices ) as established by the Regulation 2023/06/CE.

Our Company works in accordance with the Regulation CE n. 1935/2004 of the European Parliament and the European Council of the 27th October 2004 regarding all the products intended to come in contact with alimentary use and it owns a tracking system for its products.

The most consumed products are certified for food safe according to the Regulation CE 1935/04 and according to the Italian legislation DPR 777/82 and to their future updates.

The environmental quality of our products are also guaranteed by the international recycling symbol: the Mobius Cycle, which use is governed by the ISO 14021 legislation and thanks to it we certify the recyclability of our packaging